The Best DIY Water Leak Damage Prevention Solution, install in 20 seconds without any tool

7,200+ U.S. homes suffer preventable water damage. Every. Single. Day …!

Our Story

We are an international team of hardware engineers, software developers, product designers and marketeers. We were challenged by the big need for effective leak DAMAGE prevention solutions on one hand but super low installation numbers in real-world houses and homes on the other hand.

We identified several reasons for this gap: First and foremost, this is the need to hire a professional plumber and cutting pipes. Hence, our common goal is to provide the best water leak damage protection possible but all with super-easy installation. The insider language for this is ‘non-intrusive’ and ‘non-invasive’.

Dozens of prototypes and software refactoring afterward and after analyzing tens of thousands of sensor data records from real world home we found what we were looking for:

The first 360 Degree Leak protection Solution, 100 % non-invasive and 100 % non-intrusive.

Our Locations

Hong Kong

Where our HQ and Sr. software development team is located.


Our partner development team in Europe mainly for Aquascope, user application and cloud infrastructure.


Shenzhen is the worldwide leading location for electronics trading and development. Our hardware, mechanic and production engineer team is located near Costal City in Nanshan district.